Interactive Magazine Design

Oct 2013 - Dec 2013

About the Project

Interaction Design Fundamental is an intro course to Communication and Visual Design. In this course we explore how to use visual design elements such as Typography,Grid Layout and Colors. We also learn how to use Design tools and methods such as Persona, Competitive Analysis, Contextual Inquiry, Storyboarding, Bodystorming, Moodboard, Design Language and so forth.

Cover Design


In order to maintain a high Image to Text ratio without totally eliminating necessary text,I used Progressive Disclosure to hide text until readers ask for them, by dragging the ribbon to reveal the recipes and cooking directions. The handle on the ribbons provide affordance to drag and the rectangular shape of the ribbons suggest the dragging direction.To further make the dragging function easy to find for novice users, an overlay instruction is used when a reader uses the magazine for the first time.

Cometitive Analysis(Teamwork)

We identified six key competitors through our competitive analysis, and compare them in dimensions of Visual Appeal, Pricing, Available Platforms, and Content Strategy.


Four personas are built based on our research findings.The target audience of DELICACY are people with relatively high income, who like gourmet desserts.