Android App Design

Feb 2014 - Present

Team Members: Siddhant Shah, Katarina Shaw, Ara Lee, Cambi Guo, Andrew Kinai

My Contributions: User Research, Information Architecture, User Interface Design, Visual Design, Prototyping

About the Project

TRENDY is an Android app we made in the class Mobile Service Innovation, it's an online fashion contest platform which allows users to participate contests, vote for contestants and discover fashion trends.

The Design Process

1. PEST Analysis and Ideation

We used PEST(Political, Economic, Social and Technological) Analysis to identify a potential innovation space, and our team identified Social Fashion as our theme. We brainstormed over 50 ideas and chose 5 of them to create storyboards and to test them using speed dating method.

2. Speed Dating

We used Speed Dating, a User Centered Design method developed at CMU, to probe user needs with storyboards based on the 5 ideas from our ideation process. Though our speed dating we learned that knowing the current fashion trends and knowing the right product size from different brands are two popular needs among participants.

3. Customer Journey Map

I made this customer journey map, a service design tool, to illustrate the touch-points between users and TRENDY. It shows when, why and how users will use our app.

4. Prototypes

I created Wireframes in Balsamiq to explore different screen layout and collect feedback from users, and then I created hi-fi mock ups in Illustrator and animated them in Axure RP.